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Make up has always been my love and passion. The Art of Make Up, has so much to share, never-ending ideas, waiting for you to explore. Make up isn't Made Up, it brings out the beauty from deep within each individual. Let me bring out the uniqueness of you, the real you. Contact me @ Hp:96631115

How to create a Natural Eye Makeup Look

Firstly, please do get a good eyelash curler, as it doesnt make sense to have one that doesnt curl your lashes and that will last long. As a makeup artist, i am super particular about clients eyelashes(unless they prefer using false lashes) as they really make dramatic difference "if you use the right products that curls and lasts."
Look at me after curling and coating just one coat of mascara:

Then balance the other:

What i used:

Shiseido Eyelash curler, $19.90
*The best eyelash curler i trust and live with always!
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, $19.90
*My favourite too, however this is super waterproof and doesnt smudge at all and you really need to remove well. :)

Final Natural Eye Makeup:

1) I added on MAC gel liner on my upper inner eyelid and lower eyelid.
2) Just a single coat of mascara on the lower lashes.

DONE! :)

BB Cream vs CC Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer

Winner: Tinted Moisturizer!
*Firstly, it is of most important to UNDERSTAND YOUR SKIN. Whether its dry/normal/combination/oily because products use will vary depending on our skin types. My simplest suggestion is to visit any departmental beauty brands of Professional Beauty Advisors like Lancome, Clarins, Sisley... They will be more than happy to give you advise and knowledge of your skin without any obligations to purchase.
*I have combination skin, & relatively sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts after using products that are not suitable to my skin. Therefore, after trying many different brands of BB cream, CC cream & Tinted Moisturizers, i finally found 2 brands of Tinted Moisturizers that sits onto my skin smoothly, radiantly without any breakouts! I strongly recommend this 2 brands of Tinted Moisturizers for people with : combination or sensitive skin.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, $66
- Oil Free
- Highest SPF of Tinted Moisturizers
- Coverage is good yet skin feels lightweight
- Contains Triclosan- Anti Bacterial
- Skincare benefits of brightening your skin, lightens & even out uneven skin tones in the long run

Sisley Tinted Moisturizer, $120
- Fragrance free
- With titanium dioxide that reflects UV rays
- Supple & soft skin with extracts of Sunflower
- Helps to matify skin, absorbing excess sebum
However, i do use CC cream & BB cream for my clients depending on their skin types too. :)
CC cream means color control cream/ color correcting cream which is actually an enhanced version of BB cream, adding benefits like correcting your skin tone. (Example: dull skin, yellowish/greyish skin tone..) With its ingredients, it will help to brighten up your skintone with skincare benefits.
My Favourite CC Cream:

Chanel CC Cream SPF 30, $82
- It has only 1 tone of shade, therefore its more suitable for very fair to fair skin tone.
- My tip: Pick up 1-2cm of it
1) Apply with clean hands
2) On Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Chin
3) Dust a little loose powder with a brush to withstand the "dewy look" under (Singapore weather) :)
BB cream means blemish balm/beauty balm. In a nutshell, as ive mentioned earlier on, IT REALLY DEPENDS ON YOUR SKIN TYPE to see if you're suitable to use BB cream of any brands.
BB cream is actually a all in one multi functional cream, "jack of all trades, master of none." BB cream consist of 1)Moisturizer 2)Primer 3)Sunscreen 4)Skin Treatment 5)Foundation
- A Super Multi tasker, therefore i would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED for sensitive skin.
What contained in BB cream: A moisturizer(which you do not know whether its suitable for your skin type), Skin treatment(which may not suit everyone of their skin problems) could DANGEROUSLY affect your sensitive skin. (which will causes breakouts, irritations etc.)
So dear people, please be more aware of the products you are using, the ingredients & please do not follow "the hype", whats in trend does not mean the trend fits your skin.. :)
Any questions, feel free to ask me @
Cheerios! :)